Sillzeos is a boss that is part testificate, part spider, who resides in Auten-Mörtar. He is originally solely testificate, but due to an experiment on himself, he became the hybrid that he is. He's located deep within the Groshetto Caverns, so you must fight through hoards of enemies in order to reach his base location. Fighting Silzeos is one of the three ways to achieve Gold Prestige, as you must obtain a Blighted Shard in order to progress to Gold Prestige.


History Edit

Troubled by his failed experiment of the past, Silzeos was the creator of Vendicus. Silzeos created Vendicus with the intentions of treating him as a son. As Vendicus grew older, Silzeos realized that both his experiment and son were a failure, as Vendicus was inherently evil. This failure drove Silzeos to madness, and he began kidnapping multiple villagers within Auten-Mörtar and testing on them in his lab deep in Groshetto Caverns.

Strategies Edit

Before even beginning the fight against Silzeos, you must venture through hoards of mobs within the Groshetto Caverns. Once you reach the boss door, you may not leave until you defeat Silzeos.

Recommended Equipment Edit

Slot Most Useful 2nd 3rd
Head Colossal Full Helm Diamond Helmet Accretious Sallet
Chest Colossal Brassard Diamond Chestplate Accretious Lorica
Legs Colossal Tassets Diamond Leggings Accretious Pteruges
Feet Colossal Boots Diamond Boots Accretious Boots
Mainhand Arcane Scimitar Bronzen Greatsword Diamond Sword
Offhand Primal Greathammer Totem of Undying Shield

Note: Using armor beyond what's listed is generally not recommended.

Fighting Silzeos without protection 4 on armor that you have will prove to be very difficult. Unbreaking 3 is also highly recommended, as you will tank a lot of hits while fighting Silzeos.

Before the Battle Edit

When going through the Groshetto Caverns, be sure to bring a fire resistance potion. Along the ravine, there are flying skeletons, which may shoot you into the lava. In addition, halfway through the cavern, there is a fire trap that summons fire around you. Blazes are also present in that area. On your way to the boss door, you will likely tank a lot of hits, therefore, if you're using Tier 1 or Tier 2 armor, you should watch the durability as you go. Bringing armor with thorns is inefficient, as your armor will take extra damage.

Starting the Fight Edit

As you begin the fight, drinking a regeneration potion may be helpful, as he summons two vindication illagers within the first 10 seconds of the fight. These two illagers can easily catch you off guard and deal large damage.

Things to Consider Edit

When Silzeos traps you in the experimentation tank, make sure to swim up. The longer you're in the tank, the more your food goes down, as you are given an amplified hunger effect while in the tank. You can also take advantage of this time, however, to eat and heal.

Relying on a bow throughout the fight is not an effective method to fight Silzeos. Arrows bounce off of the villager portion of him, and hitting the spider can be a difficult target. A bow can be a great support item, but not an ideal main weapon.

When he summons the poison cloud, be sure to get out of it as quickly as possible, as it gives you poison 2 for 15 seconds.

Bane of arthropods is an extremely valuable enchantment for this battle. He can be killed before he reaches his final phase with bane of arthropods 5.

Silzeos reaches his final phase when he says "I'M DONE PLAYING AROUND, LETS FINISH THIS." When he says this, he gets a strength 2 effect and becomes invisible, although you can still see him due to the glow effect. During this phase, you should watch your health, as Silzeos begins to hit an extra six half-hearts per hit (although this damage is greatly reduced with armor).

Drop Table1, 2 Edit

Item Amount % Chance
Iron Ingot 1-64 25%
Blighted Shard 1 1%
Accretious Sallet 1 1%
Accretious Lorica 1 1%
Accretious Pteruges 1 1%
Accretious Boots 1 1%
Colossal Full Helm 1 1%
Colossal Brassard 1 1%
Colossal Tassets 1 1%
Colossal Boots 1 1%
Arcane Scimitar 1 1%
Primal Greathammer 1 1%
Hunter's Chargebow 1 1%
Diamond 1-15 14%
Spawn Vindicator 1 5%
Glowstone Dust 12-64 18%
Bottle o' Enchanting 6-64 40%
Ghast Tear 1-8 16%
Ender Chest 1 5%
Slime Ball 12-64 19%
Elytra3 1 3%
Packed Ice 12-64 12%
Shulker Box 1-2 10%
Gold Nugget 32-64 75%
End Crystal 1 15%
Name Tag 1 8%
Emerald 1-25 9%

1 Can have between 1%-100% durability

2 Looting does not affect any rates within the drop table

3 Each point of luck can give between 0-1 additional chest items.

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