Shelsea Village is a sub-tropical island located off of the south-eastern coast of Auten-Mörtar, and is located as a part of the Skaele region. It requires Prestige 1 in enter and can be accessed by speaking to the Shelsian Sailor at the docks in Spawnia.

Points of Interest Edit

Shelsea Village is the starting place of the skill Mining, which is the main point of interest at the village. The Shelsea Mine contains more ores than the Auten-Mörtar Mine as well, making it an ideal place to camp when other people are mining.

Shops Edit

Pete's Mining Shoppe

Lore Edit

Shelsea Village was inhabited by native Shelsians for hundreds of years, until being conquered by the city of Vedrya, which is a part of the Skaele region. The Vedyra were matched with a great deal of force by the Shelsians, as a battle raged on between the two cities for three years until a powerful alchemist by the name of Silzeos entered the battle on the Vedyrian side. Being one of the few alchemists known, Silzeos was given access to the only set of Blighted armor and weapons known. With the extreme power from the blighted energy, he was able to end the war within a single hour of combat by himself. The period following was known as the Shelsian Massacre, leading to the extinction of every native Shelsian with the exception of a select few escapees. After acquiring Shelsian Village, the island was converted to a trade outpost between Auten-Mörtar and Skaele, as the main exports between the two were minerals from Auten-Mörtar and machina from Vedrya. After acting as the middle-man between the two cities for over fifty years, the relationship between Auten-Mörtar and Vedrya began to crumble as tensions rose between the Auten and Skaele regions. Trade eventually ceased between the two powers and Shelsea Village was left without purpose, yet still inhabited by Vedryians who refused to leave the dying town. Shelsea Village became a small, self-sustaining civilization that walled itself off to keep invaders out, only having one small dock for ships to sail in and out from and no military defense.

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