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Welcome to the Project FC Wikia! Project FC is a vanilla server created by Flamingdk that has custom towns, bosses, and items, as well as a prestige system!

Recent Updates Edit

1/23/17 Edit

1/18/17 Edit

1/17/17 Edit

  • The underground city of Agrith has been added! Upon release there is a shop to sell your Tier 2 items, several places to mine, and the future setting to upgrade Aesir and Vengeful armors.

1/5/17 Edit

  • Every tier level pickaxe has been added to Pete's Mining Shoppe in Shelsea Village. Every time you level-up a tier, you are given a level-up gem, which can be used to buy the next tier pickaxe (along with paying some Diamontine). IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE CORRECT MINING LEVEL AND YOU WIELD A PICKAXE ABOVE YOUR TIER, IT WILL BE REMOVED FROM YOUR INVENTORY.
  • Each button press in Shelsea Dungeon now gives you 8 experience instead of 3.

1/2/17 Edit

  • The Clay, Coal, and Iron Ores in the Tier I Auten Mine are now mineable.
  • In order to reach Iron Prestige, you must now be at least Tier II in Mining and Agility.
  • Pete's Mining Shoppe now sells a new, updated Mining Guide, where you can check your Mining experience without having to go to Shelsea Mine.

12/29/16 Edit

  • Mining has been re-released! Head to Shelsea Village and speak to Pete to train the skill!
  • Agility has been released! You can start it in Shelsea Village by venturing into the Shelsea Dungeon.
  • The Osmith Manor has been remodeled! Now it is more direct which path leads to Auten-Mörtar and to Vindicus.
  • The Christmas Tree at Spawn has been removed and replaced with a firework for the new year.
  • Chests have been placed under the giant firework at Spawn! Make sure to go get your event item before January 3 and if you haven't, pick up your Christmas presents by January 1!

12/17/16 Edit

  • Elytras may now be brought into Auten-Mörtar.
  • Vindicus has had his arena slightly redone.
  • As Mining is in the process of being redone, all picks received from the Mining skill have been converted into experience.

12/14/16 Edit

  • Shelsea Village has been released along with the Mining skill! You can head on over to Shelsea Village if you are Prestige 1 at the dock in Spawnia and then start mining! Auten-Mörtar also has a mine with an array of ores!

12/11/16 Edit

  • Colossal and Accretious armor dropped by Silzeos now has mending on it by default. If you have previously owned Colossal or Accretious armor without mending, you Skype or in-game message Flamingdk to ask for mending on any of your existing pieces. Mending books will not be refunded to previously owned armor that was given mending

Current Poll Edit

What Update do you want to see next the most?

The poll was created at 19:49 on January 6, 2017, and so far 2 people voted.

Project FC PagesEdit

Bosses - The list of available bosses in Project FC.

Prestige System - Details about the prestige system.

Towns - The available towns in Project FC.

Tier 1 - The first tier of items in Project FC.

Tier 2 - The second tier of items in Project FC.

Skills - The list of skills in Project FC.

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