Mining was the first skill that was added to Project FC, which focuses on attaining stone and ores. Different ores give the player different amounts of experience. Certain ores require a pickaxe that have tiered requirements. The mining skill maxes at tier 8, which requires 1,986,068 experience to achieve.

Level-Up Table Edit

Listed below is the amount of experience needed (left) to reach a certain tier (right).

Tier Experience
I 1,154
II 4,470
III 13,363
IV 37,224
V 101,333
VI 273,742
VII 737,627
VIII 1,986,068

Tier Rewards Edit

Each tier that you advance in mining gives new ores that may be mined, as well as items and destinations.

Tier 0 Edit

With tier 0 mining, players may only mine clay ore and coal ore, as they are the two ores that may be mined with a Bronzen Pickaxe.

Tier I Edit

After advancing to tier I mining, a player is then able to buy a Ferrous Pickaxe, which can mine iron ore in addition to coal and clay ore.

Tier II Edit

At tier II mining, Titanium Pickaxes are able to be bought, which can mine lapis lazuli ore, in addition to all of the previous ores.

Tier III Edit

Once tier III mining is reached, player can buy a Zircrite Pickaxe, which can mine redstone ore, in addition to all of the previous ores.

Tier IV Edit

After a player levels up to tier IV mining, gold ore can be mined with a Azurite Pickaxe, as well as the previous tiered ores.

Tier V Edit

At tier V mining, sulfur ore becomes an option to be mined if the player trades Pete a Azurite Pickaxe and 64 gunpowder, from which a Sulfurite Pickaxe can be created. This pickaxe can mine all ores up to sulfur ore. Be warned that if you try to buy this pickaxe at any lower tier, it will be deleted from your inventory if you are not tier V.

Tier VI Edit

When a player levels up to tier VI mining, a player may buy an Orichalcum Pickaxe, which can mine ores up to emerald ore.

Tier VII Edit

At tier VII mining, players can mine ores up to diamond ore, using a Diamontine Pickaxe.

Tier VIII Edit

Tier VIII mining is the final tier that may be attained and players that reach this tier may mine maizite ore, using a Blighted Pickaxe.

Experience Table Edit

Each type of ore gives a different amount of experience than another. Each ore is listed in the table from least experience given to most experience given.

Ore Experience
Clay Ore 25
Coal Ore 50
Iron Ore 75
Quartz Ore 75
Lapis Lazuli Ore 100
Redstone Ore 150
Gold ore 200
Sulfur Ore 300
Emerald Ore 400
Diamond Ore 500
Maizite Ore 600

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