Auten-Mörtar is the capital city of the Auten region, with its etymology meaning Auten-"for God" in Autenian. Players must have reached Prestige 3 in order to enter the city through the Osmith Tunnels.

Points of Interest Edit

Auten-Mörtar is a city with a generous amount of distractions and diversions. The Auten-Mörtar Mining Drill is a distraction that can be used once every six hours by one person and gives a random array or ores. Within Auten-Mörtar is the Auten Temple, which upon entering gives the player temporary absorption and resistance effects. In Auten-Mörtar Library, players may tribute a Blighted Shard in order to reach Prestige 4. The Auten-Mörtar Mine is one of the few places where players may mine for Mining experience. Players may also fight Silzeos after finishing the mini-quest centered around him.

Shops Edit

Ernie's Forgery

Soladine's Armory

Lore Edit

Although a great and prosperous city, Auten-Mörtar is plagued by a re-occurring stranger known as Vindicus. Vindicus threatens the safety of the city, as he raids the city upon random intervals.

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