Agrith is an underground town located within the Agrith Cavern System in the Auten Region. Right next to Auten-Mörtar (although quite far underground), Agrith is available for players to reach once they reach Prestige 4. With a large variety of activities, Agrith can be a difficult, yet rewarding city to reach.

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An overview of Agrith.

Points of Interest Edit

Within Agrith exists several activities that players can pursue.

  • Mining is quite plentiful for people with high Mining tiers. Within Agrith there are 4 Sulfur Ores, 10 Emerald Ores, and 9 Gold Ores, amounting to 7,000 Mining Experience that may be received, before waiting for the ores to respawn.
  • The Agrith Armor Forge, which provides the ability to upgrade Aesir and Vengeful armors. Additionally, the Anvil of Infinity lies within the Agrith Armor Forge, which acts as an anvil with infinite uses.
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    The Agrith Armor Forge and the Anvil of Infinity.

  • The Great Bank Robbery is a D&D and Agility training method that acts as best-in-tier Agility training. It requires tier III agility to participate in, but in addition to Agility experience, rewards are available as well upon completion.
  • A soon-to-come boss!
  • The Strange Well, which is, well, strange...
  • The Bank of Agrith, which along with converting Diamontine to Diamontine Coins and vice-versa, also trades emerald blocks for Diamontine.

Shops Edit

Lore Edit

Overview Edit

Agrith is an ancient underground city that is one of the three longest-lived civilizations. Due to the harsh underground environment, Agrithians are conditioned to survive even the most difficult of hardships, and having a single entrance to the town acts as a natural barrier to prevent invaders. Unlike Auten-Mörtar, the city of Agrith allows the usage of Ender Pearls within the town, as Agrithians find them to be quite helpful in day-to-day activities.

Economy Edit

The economy of Agrith relies mostly off of mining, due to the plentiful amount of ores that exist within its caverns. The main minerals exported are emeralds and gold, although enough diamond and sulfur is mined for them to be self-sufficient in that aspect. Agrith imports all of its wood, as the Agrithians have found that growing trees is near impossible in the cave system, even with artificial light and the right soil.

History Edit

Created in the Primaevis Era for the Magnus, the city of Agrith is one of the longest standing civilizations known to exist. In addition to its great natural barrier, the blessing of the Magnus has assisted the Agrithians in keeping the city safe from harm.

Primaevis Era Edit

Magnus Age Edit

The Agrith Cavern System was initially a proto-civilization in which the Magnus lived within beds of lava. It wasn't quite considered a civilization by human standards, due to the fact that zero structures existed within the cave system, and more was a habitat for the Magnus. As time went on, the Magnus were no longer able to thrive within the cave system, due to the decreasing amount of void energy that was available, as that was what the Magnus fed on. In the last days of the Magnus Age, Zxar-Lryt, the alpha Magnus, slaughtered all but four other Magnus, which ensured the continued survival of the five remaining for eons to come.

Hominum Age Edit

A group of early humans descended into the Agrith Cavern System in the hopes of finding refuge from war. The humans were greeted by the Magnus, which stood several times taller than the humans, nearly unintentionally chasing them out of the cave, until Zxar-Lryt spoke to the humans, encouraging their stay within the caverns. The Magnus shifted the ground of the cave system to have enough room for the humans to build on and build their civilization. All that was asked in return for the cavern from the Magnus was their unwavering alliance in protecting the last of the Magnus.

Deinde Era Edit

Agrith became the large city that it stands to be today during the Deinde Era, and as a result of successfully building the city, the Magnus gifted the Agrithians the Agrith Armor Forge, which used void energy to empower armor and power the Anvil of Infinity.

Facadant Era Edit

The current era in which Agrith, and the rest of the world sits in. During this era, Agrith willingly joined the Auten Alliance, further protecting it from enemy conquest. Additionally, Agrith adopted the Diamontine, the widely-used currency that helped diversify the Agrith economy. Once Agrith joined arms with the Auten Alliance, a tunnel was dug that leads to Auten-Mörtar, the capital city of the Auten Region.


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